Vazon Sprint - Run What You Brung

If you would like to enter the 'Run What You Brung -Vazon Sprint' you will need to 'Contact us' using the 'Contact us' button on our home page:

The 'run what you brung Vazon Sprint event' was predominantly introduced to the GK&MC LBG racing calendar (usually the last sprint each year) to enable anyone who is 16 years or over, who has a road legal/ road registered/licensed motorcycle/Scooter or Quad to enter the event.

If you feel like this event is for you. Please follow these guidelines and ensure you comply with the supplementary regulation extract below:

  1. Contact us, let us know you are interested.

  2. Present your Bike on the day to Technical Inspection.

  3. You and your vehicle must pass Technical Inspection, the Scrutineers decision is final.

  4. Pay a Temporary Membership.

  5. Pay for an ACU day Licence.

  6. Pay the event fee.

Extract of Supplementary Regulation for Standard Road legal vehicles:

  • A full set of Supplementary Regulations will be emailed to you once you have shown interest in the event via the 'Contact us' button

You and your Bike MUST also comply with the following Regulations:

[31] Eligibility Open to competitors who are holders of a full DVLA motorcycle license and who hold an ACU Competition License or ACU One Day Event License.

[32] Machine Eligibility Any motorcycle registered and licensed for use on the Public Highway. A current MOT certificate, if required, must be produced at Technical Inspection. The machine must be in a road legal condition to be eligible to take part in this type of event.

[33] Technical Control The machine must be free from all obvious fluid leaks. A number issued by the organisers of the event must be displayed on the machine, to enable identification. All lights and indicators must be taped over. All stands must be wired or taped up.

[34] Protective Clothing The rider must wear his protective clothing to Technical Inspection to demonstrate good fit. Bulky hard objects such as tools etc, are NOT to be carried in pockets or on the person. During practice and racing, riders and sidecar passengers (if applicable) must wear the following clothing and footwear:

  • a) Leather suit of at least 1.2mm in thickness (on all parts of the suit), two-piece suits that zip together at the waist are acceptable. Each part of the zip should be securely attached to the jacket or the trousers respectively and the suit must zip together over at least 75% of the waist band. Non-leather material may be used if it meets with the requirements laid down by the ACU Road Racing Standing Regulations.

  • b) Footwear must be of leather (i.e. outer hide) or an approved substitute material and of a minimum height of 200mm to provide, with the suit, complete protection (i.e. no exposed areas, no skin to be left exposed between the boots and the suit).

  • c) Leather gloves (or an approved substitute material) must be worn at all times whilst racing and upon return to pits, they must fit over the wrist band of the suit to provide complete protection (i.e. no exposed areas, no skin to be left exposed between the wrist of the suit and the wrist of the glove).

  • d) Long hair and beards should be contained within the helmet or clothing so as not to get caught in anything.

[35] Body Jewellery It is recommended that all body piercing studs, rings etc. are removed.

[36] Helmets Helmets bearing the current ACU gold stamp and in sound condition and properly fitted must be worn by all riders and sidecar passengers (if applicable) while practicing and racing. Overseas riders may use helmets as approved by their own FMN.

[37] Identification Discs While practicing and racing, riders and sidecar passengers (if applicable) are required to wear an identification disc around their neck, attached by a material approved by the Technical Officer. Thin chains should be avoided. The disc must be permanently marked with the wearers full name and date of birth. Identification discs shall be of a durable material, circular in shape, between 20mm and 25mm in diameter and be rounded with no sharp or ragged projections.